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Evirt Italia s.r.l., founded by experts with over 50 years of experience, specializes in premium thread rolling machines and services for all brands. EVIRT Italia s.r.l. is dedicated to innovation, investing 20% of its revenue in R&D, and has earned a reputation for high-quality, robust machines. Their Smart rolling machines use advanced technologies for various applications and offer technical support for other brands. EVIRT Italia aims to maximize quality and resilience, providing comprehensive solutions and flexible, maintenance-friendly designs.

Mono 20


EVIRT MONO™ machines are reliable rolling machines for threads & profiles. They are suitable for economical and high productivity manufacturing lines.


EVIRT PLANAR™ machines are most flexible for complex shapes like splines & ball screws. Unique design allows both symmetrical & asymmetrical rolling. 

Planar 20
Radial 30


EVIRT RADIAL™ Thread rolling for pipes, screws & more. Automatic, easy to use, high quality (C3 ball screws). Up to 1500kN force.


FIN Tube Rolling Machines: custom-built radial machines for extruded finned pipe production.

Fins 20 Evo
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