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ANUC boasts the most extensive array of industrial robots globally, spanning from the most compact to the most robust. Their 100+ models cater to various applications and industries, ensuring ease of operation, flexibility, and seamless integration with options tailored to specific needs, supporting payloads of up to 2.3 t and reaches of up to 4.7 m.

LR Mate series


Boost productivity across diverse tasks with this versatile robot. It offers various reaches and wrist speeds, ideal for fast handling and processing parts up to 14 kg in industries like food or metal. With optional integrated intelligent functionality and special equipment for welding, painting, and clean rooms, LR Mate handling robots ensure high accuracy and efficiency.


Compact yet robust, the LR-10 series offers enclosed IP67-rated robots. Lightweight and designed for confined spaces, they excel in material handling tasks like machine loading/unloading and high-speed picking in logistics. With a powerful wrist enabling precise assembly across all 6 degrees of freedom, they're ideal for intricate tasks such as EV battery pack and solar panel assembly. Their excellent weight to payload ratio and long reach make them suitable for mounting on AGVs. Optional FANUC vision sensors and intelligent functions enhance their flexibility further.

LR-10 series
Arc welding series


Arc Mate series robots are crafted for arc welding, leveraging years of expertise. With payloads up to 35 kg and reaches up to 2 m, they excel in various welding applications, offering versatility and efficiency with different models and tool options.


Imagine a future of collaboration, where humans and robots work seamlessly together without safety barriers. With FANUC collaborative robots, this reality is here. They join human teams, handling strenuous tasks and lifting up to 50 kg, while humans focus on skilled work. Discover our CR and CRX series below.

Collaborative Robots
Delta Robots


Maximize speed and versatility with our robots tailored for high-speed small part handling. Ideal for various industries like food, pharmaceutical, and electronics, they excel where traditional robots fall short.


Experience the fusion of speed and precision with FANUC SCARA robots. Perfect for assembly, pick-and-place, inspection, and packaging tasks, they offer payload capacities of 3kg, 6kg, 12kg, or 20kg. Their pedestal-mount design ensures a compact footprint while integrated services minimize snagging risks.

SCARA series
Paint series


Advanced multifunction turning centers. Direct-drive rotary turret & CNC tailstock enable complex part machining & shaft work.

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