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Leaders in industrial furnace design since its start. Since the 1980s, they specialize in vacuum furnaces for various heat treatments.  They offer both standard and custom designs for industries like aerospace and medicine, with many patents for innovative techniques and features.



B84T Carburizing Furnace

BMI offers high-temperature vacuum furnaces for brazing and heat treating. These pressurized furnaces (1.4 to 12 bars) deliver rapid cooling ideal for even the most challenging jobs. (under 250 characters)


BMI's TH series vacuum furnaces offer profitable oil quenching (low consumption, durable) for various steels. ALLCARB® carburization (precise, consistent) is available with software assistance for optimization.

B54TH Oil Cooling Furnace


BA55 200 Furnace

BMI's low-temp vacuum furnaces tackle key processes like tempering & brazing with fast cycles & even heat. Get ALLNIT® nitriding & ALLNIT-OX® post-oxidation (optional) for an extra edge.


BMI vacuum furnaces boost standard treatments with optional processes for tailored metal conditioning.  This includes nitriding, carburising, cryogenic treatment & plasma nitriding. 

VI64 ion Nitriding Furnace


ivd Equipment

Need high-tech furnace solutions? BMI builds custom units beyond their standard models. From specific sizes & vacuum levels to cleanroom use, they design for your unique needs. Their expertise extends to entire heat treatment workshops, including automation & lab integration.

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